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May 2018 SPIN Meeting: Heart Disease – Focus on Prevention

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Date: May 21, 2018

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Providence Base Camp

9427 SW Barnes Rd

Portland, OR 97225

Topic: Heart Disease - Focus on Prevention: Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death in the United States and generates the highest health care costs overall. But it turns out that 80% of heart disease is preventable by living a healthier lifestyle. During this presentation, we will explore the 80% Opportunity as well as strategies for approaching the challenges of behavior change for our patients as well as ourselves

Speaker: James Beckerman, M.D. is a cardiologist at Providence Heart Institute and medical director of Play Smart Youth Heart Screenings, the largest youth heart screening program in Oregon. He serves as medical director of prevention and wellness for the Providence Heart Institute in Oregon, and directs the cardiac rehabilitation program at St. Vincent Medical Center. He is the team cardiologist for the Portland Timbers Major League Soccer team and serves on the Sports and Exercise Leadership Council for the American College of Cardiology.

Host: At Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness (part of Providence Heart Institute) we offer a variety of prevention and wellness classes, including nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, art therapy, exercise, physician guidance and peer support – most of which are free. These classes are intended to help guide you through our five shared goals: Get Fit, Reduce Stress, Be Your Best Weight, Lower Your Risk and Start Today! Better health is achievable for all of us – if you believe you CAN, you are more likely to say, “I WILL.” Basecamp encourages you to start small and finish remarkable. In this supportive community environment, we know that living your best healthiest lives can start today. Welcome to Basecamp!

Parking Instructions – Park in the parking structure in spaces available for visitors.

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