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November 2019 SPIN Meeting - Silent No More: Safe Conversations About GLBTIQ Issues

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Date: November 11, 2019 (please note, this is earlier than usual due to the holidays)

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm


Touchmark West Hills

840 SW Touchmark Way

Portland, OR 97225

Topic: Silent No More: Safe Conversations About GLBTIQ Issues - With the rights of LGBTIQ people once again in front of the US Supreme Court and in the headlines, it is as important as ever for organizations to understand the issues facing the LGBTIQ community. The rights and safety LGBTIQ people have been debated for a long time, and the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that a higher percentage of hate crimes are perpetrated on this community than any other in the US. This session will offer some clarity about the LGBTIQ community, terminology, talk about what staff needs to know, and clear up misunderstandings that folks might have. We hope to provide opportunities to ask questions and a safe environment in which to have meaningful conversations.


April D. Lewis (BA, MS) is a co-owner of and trainer/consultant for Figure 8 Consulting LLC. April has more than 20 years’ experience in cultural competency, diversity, and intercultural organizational development. Her dynamic and charismatic style engages audiences with her knowledge, skills, sense of humor, and her passion for combining fun with learning.

Carol D. French (BA, MA) is a co-owner and trainer/consultant for Figure 8 Consulting LLC. Her background is in education, where she served as a counselor, teacher, and diversity trainer. Carol has had decades of experience in curriculum development, and her interactive training style was developed and refined in classrooms and on ropes courses where she operated with humor, fun, and the philosophy that learning is best when it is experiential and involves the whole person.

Host: Touchmark West Hills - Enjoy the easy sophistication of a private cottage or spacious condo-style lodge home, and make truly carefree living a reality. We’ll manage the household maintenance and grounds keeping while you fine-tune your pickleball game, swim laps in the indoor pool, or savor a chef-prepared meal. Live moments from local attractions such as the trails at Forest Park, the Oregon Zoo, and the Rose Garden. The full life begins now at Touchmark in the West Hills.

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