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JANUARY 28, 2008

Tuality Health Education Center

Maria V. Prokhorova, MD and Maureen C. Nash, MD:  "Preparing for a Resident's Return From Short or Long Term Acute Geriatric Psychiatry Hospitalizations"

FEBRUARY 25, 2008

Cherrywood Village

Maureen E. Mays, MD, MS:  "Knowing the Risk Factors to Heart Disease Prevention"

MARCH 24, 2008

Cedar Creek

Mitch Lambley:  "Understanding Reverse Mortgage Options"

APRIL 28, 2008

The Stafford

William S. Herzberg, MD:  "Understanding Sleep and Your Health"

MAY 19, 2008

Holladay Park Plaza

Anne Kister:  "Creating a Loving Legacy:  How to Talk About End-of-Life"

JUNE 23, 2008

Encore Senior Village

Lee Paton, RN, Ph.D: "Why do Elders do What They do?"

JULY 28, 2008

Finley Sunset Hills Memorial Park

Michael Swartz, Scott Logan, Michael Backes:  "The Other 124 Decisions That you Need to Know Preplanning"

AUGUST 25, 2008

Laurelhurst Village

Dr. Elena Robinson:  "Tired of Headaches? There is Hope"

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008

The Pearl at Kruse Way

Raina Stinson, RN, BSN:  "Community Building Through Personal Development"

OCTOBER 27, 2008

Avamere Crestview of Portland

Mary Ballantyne, RN:  "Depression and Suicide in the Elderly"

NOVEMBER 17, 2008

Avamere of Bethany

Kay Kirkbride, RN and Sue Callahan:  "Powerful Tools for Caregivers

DECEMBER 15, 2008

Meeting Canceled due to Weather

Meeting Canceled due to Weather

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