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2020 SPIN Holiday Giving

Annual Holiday Giving: In 2013, the SPIN board was presented with an excess of blankets and other items collected for seniors. The board decided in light of this unexpected windfall, we would put the education portion of our December meeting on hiatus and instead select seniors with limited resources as recipients. This decision was met with enthusiasm from SPIN members and a request to establish a tradition. The selection process matches the SPIN goal to serve both sides of the Willamette River. Senior Centers with limited support from governmental agencies are considered.

In 2019 we switched the holiday giving to be in August because there are a lot of requests for donations in December and it gets overwhelming for everybody. We received a lot of positive feedback about the change so we were going continue to have holiday giving in the summer. Seniors have needs all year so this year we’re going to do Holidays in the summer. December is a busy month for everybody so we will skip that meeting and will continue our regularly formatted meetings in January 2021.

This year, due to the restrictions with Covid-19 self distancing we are not meeting in person so it's hard to collect items to donate. We have decided, instead, to encourage everybody to donate to Meals on Wheels People who benefit seniors in Washington County and Multnomah County and Clackamas County Meals on Wheels Inc. On the Meals on Wheels website you can choose to which center you want your donation to be sent or choose to donate to the center of greatest need or to support Clackamas County Meals on Wheels Inc. you can go to their site. In order to track donations coming from SPIN members we would appreciate it if when you make your donation--under billing address click on the box "Make this gift on behalf of an organization or business" and enter SPIN or Senior Provider Information Network in the organization name field.

As always, thank you for your generosity.

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