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April 2024 SPIN

Date:  Monday, April 22, 2024

Time:  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Host:  Mt. Hood Adult Day Center: 376 NE 219th Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

Speaker:  Stefano Iaboni, an Internationally acclaimed actor, performer, and facilitator

Topic: "The Power of Laughter"


Laughter has been proven to have numerous benefits, not only for individual well-being, but also in fostering a positive and productive environment. In Stefano's presentation, he aims to explore the impact of laughter on human connection, stress reduction, team collaboration, and overall well being.


Here are some key points he plans to cover:


1. The Psychological Benefits: Understanding how laughter promotes a positive mindset and contributes to a healthier life.

2. Connecting: Exploring ways to use humor as a tool for team cohesion and improved communication.

3. Stress Relief: Highlighting the role of laughter in mitigating stress and enhancing overall people's resilience.

4. Fostering Creativity: Examining how a lighthearted approach can stimulate creativity and innovation.


Bio: Stefano Iaboni, an internationally acclaimed actor, performer, and facilitator, hails from Rome, Italy. His journey into the world of performing arts began when he ventured to a circus school in Holland during his early twenties. However, disenchanted by the harsh weather, culinary offerings, and the school's environment, he sought greener pastures in Barcelona, where his career trajectory shifted dramatically.


In Barcelona, Stefano felt a pull towards unconventional circus expressions, finding inspiration in the burgeoning nouveau clown movement. Collaborating with renowned figures like Johnny Melville, Christian Atanasiu, Jango Edwards, Leo Bassi, Jef Johnson, and Sergi Estebanel, he delved deeper into this innovative approach.


Over the span of a decade, Stefano immersed himself in the vibrant cultural scene of Barcelona. He engaged with theater troupes, graced the screens of both cinema and commercials, enchanted audiences at street festivals across Europe, and even established his own sketch comedy cabaret. His thirst for knowledge led him to study stage theater and film acting, while also sharing his expertise through workshops at the "Nouveau Clown Institute-Barcelona."


Currently dividing his time between Portland, USA, and Spain, Stefano continues to enrich the global performing arts community. Alongside his acclaimed show "Me Myself and Us," he extends his talents to offer team-building sessions, professional development opportunities, and educational classes.


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